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"Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco is where the WWII nuclear submarines were built. Now, it is an abandoned dilapidated ‘Super Fun” site that the city of San Francisco still does not know what to do with. Until they do figure it out, the shipyard offers highly discounted artist studio spaces housed in the old Navy office buildings. This is where I had one of my first solo studio spaces in San Francisco. I only had to look out my window to be inspired by the Bay, the run-down yet historical buildings, and heaps of discarded metals strewn across the yard.

In these paintings, I slowly built up the surface of the canvas while at the same time subtracting from it, enhancing initial marks made while adding new ones. This visual history, like time-worn architectural facades, is part of each painting’s complexion. Every stroke, even when covered or taken away, leaves a history of its existence both on the canvas and in my own mind."

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