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Kesala Diamonds 2023 o on linen 12x18 1200.jpeg
New Collection

Bohdanna grew up in Ukraine and has recently launched her brand new embroidery collection based on their rich culture and decoration.

Train & Boat

Bohdanna spent time focussing on documenting the experiences and entertainment toys from her children's childhoods.


Bohdanna pivoted away from large-scale painting and worked on a collection with small marks on a small space, allowing for a thoughtful and introspective process.


An experiment of patterns and textures layered above one another. Bohdanna explored the interplay between the surface and what lies beneath whilst developing this collection. 


Bohdanna put the paintbrush down and picked up charcoal for this collection. Bohdanna used her fingers and other textures to rub and define the imagery on paper. 


Starting in Florence, this collection was inspired by daily experiences, culture, sound and food found in this Italian haven.


Lace is inherently connected to the feminine. For this collection, Bohdanna drew inspiration from the emotional ties we have to lace and how it represents a woman in different stages of her life.


In efforts to step back from oil and wax mediums, Bohdanna created this collection from gouache on paper whilst pregnant. Inspirations for this collection come from Bohdanna's emotions and dreams throughout her pregancy.

Wasabi pinch pot candle_  Siblings Candle - tangerine, jasmin & vetiver scent

Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco is where the WWII nuclear submarines were built, and is where Bohdanna had her first solo studio.  Bohdanna explored the impact of adding and subtracting layers.

Bohdanna took to using a new medium - ceramic - for this collection. 

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